Participant Testimonials

Hundreds of homes have installed solar energy through Community Solar programs. What do participants have to say about going solar?

 "We are going solar because it just makes sense. We're close to retirement and will be living on a reduced income. By joining the Community Solar Project now while we are financially able, we can add a 3.2kw system and eliminate almost 60% of our total consumption. When I look at the interest I'm earning in my bank savings account, this is an opportunity to make an investment that pays me to install."

~ Jay of Salt Lake City


 "The monitor is showing excellent readings for electricity generation. Gardner Engineering brought the net metering contract for us to sign and they will deal with all the building permits and inspections. All very easy and smooth!"

~ Marilyn of Salt Lake City






"Gardner Engineering did a great job, RMP changed the meter and I am now solar powered. Thank you Salt Lake Community Solar."

~ Kay of West Valley


"Thanks to Salt Lake Community Solar, we now have 10 functioning solar panels on the roof of our recently re-roofed garage, pushing us close to net-zero. Gardner Engineering came up with a custom design for us to be able to put south-facing panels on an east-facing roof."

~ Mark and Kate of Salt Lake City