About Community Solar

Community Solar is a bulk-purchase program for rooftop residential solar systems that helps homeowners overcome the logisitical and financial barriers to going solar.

What does Community Solar offer?:

  • Significant discount pricing for residential solar installations, made possible by group purchasing power: As more participants commit, the price for all participants declines.
  • Simplified and streamlined solar installation process:  Life is busy and complicated.  Tapping into the sun for energy should be simple. Community Solar does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, freeing up your time and giving you greater peace of mind throughout the process.  As a participant, you will have access to information and a community network to guide you through the solar process without hassle. 
  • Quality projects from installers vetted by the Steering Committee: The voluntary Steering Committee selects a qualified team of solar contractors to provide discount pricing for high quality residential solar installations.

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