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Group Discount Solar Pricing

* State and Federal tax credits are available for solar PV, subject to individual eligibility. Discount prices listed are for a standard grid-tied rooftop solar PV system. A typical Utah residential solar PV system may be 2-4 kilowatts; system size depends on personal energy goals and energy usag
Over 60 households in Salt Lake County committed to install 230+ kilowatts of rooftop solar! These homeowners will avoid emissions of over 505,000 pounds of CO2 per year, and by teaming up to go solar they have lowered the price of solar for all Salt Lake Community Solar Participants! Read on to learn more about how the pricing for this innovative bulk purchase works.


From June to September of 2012 Salt Lake Community Solar was offering unprecedented discounts on residential solar PV projects to all eligible Salt Lake County homeowners. New residential solar PV systems were availble with a historically low up-front investment, and over their 25+ year liftime these solar PV systems will help stabilize electricity bills, provide a hedge against rising and volatile energy costs, and secure sizeable energy savings. Solar is a low-maintenance, fuel-free energy resource; once it is installed, you can sit back, let the sun shine, and reap the savings for decades to come!


How Does the SLCS Discount Work?

More solar installed means more savings for all participants; it's that simple. Salt Lake Community Solar pre-negotiated the following tiered pricing schedule that provides increasing discounts to all participants as more people commit to solar (early adopters received the same discount as late-adopters; final discount pricing was available to all committed participants after the deadline (Sept 21st) and was be reflected in final invoicing from the contractor.)

Customized Solar Bids

Homeowners had the opportunity to customize their solar installations to meet their individual needs and personal energy goals. The selected contractor offered three choices for modules and inverters, optional monitoring systems, and battery back-up systems (not included in the above pricing schedule), for those interested participants. A homeowner's customized solar bid and final discount depended on the size of the solar PV system, the selected components,  ability to take advantage of available incentives, and the total number of SLCS community participants.

The final Salt Lake Community Solar price was in the range of $3,350 - $3,550 per kilowatt*, depending on your choice of solar panel and inverter. The charts below illustrate the cost of a 1 kilowatt, 3 kilowatt, and 5 kilowatt system, and show the increasing discount as more community members committed to solar. These prices don't include permitting fees, a monitoring system, or customizations you may wish to make to your system.

chart1 4*price does not include the permitting cost or optional monitoring systems. Individualized bids may vary depending on system components, home energy goals, and unique siting considerations. 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts.

Even better prices are available after tax incentives, for individuals who are eligible!

chart2 4+you must be eligible to receive tax incentives. Price does not include the permitting cost or optional monitoring systems. Individualized bids may vary depending on system components, home energy goals, and unique siting considerations


Why now?

Now is the best time to go solar!  State and federal tax credits both offer incentives to help reduce your final out-of-pocket costs. With the federal tax credit set to expire in 2016, now is the time to go solar!

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