Get Solar Ready: Energy Efficiency

weather-caulk-window-lg resizeSecretary of Energy Steven Chu once remarked, "Energy efficiency is not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit that is lying on the ground." Not only is it cheap and easy to improve energy efficiency in our homes, the need for energy efficiency is staring us in the face. Our homes, buildings, and daily habits lead to quite a bit of energy waste.

One of the best investments you can make for your home is energy efficiency. Not only are energy efficiency upgrades great for the environment, they increase the comfort of your home while maintaining its character and decreasing energy costs. Energy efficiency is not just for older homes, either. A home's efficiency is not directly linked with its age; even if your home is relatively new, you could be saving valuable energy and money.

An Essential Solar Complement

As you consider solar energy for your home, include simple energy efficiency measures that reduce the amount of energy you will need to power your home. Going solar while increasing energy efficiency increases the benefit. Your solar-powered home will be more comfortable and will require less energy. This increases the value of your system by making your power bill that much less every month!

Not Ready for Solar?

If you have determined that your home is not currently suitable for solar, improving its energy efficiency can have a positive impact on your pocket book and the environment -- it is the quickest and easiest way to reduce our impact, and it is available to anyone at all income levels.

How Can You Get Started?

Energy efficiency improvements come in many forms, and quite a few can be performed without a contractor. From changing light bulbs, to weather-stripping doors and windows, to working with a home-performance contractor -- there are many things you can do to save money on energy bills and do your part for clean energy!  There are also rebates available for energy efficiency improvements which can help save you even more money!

For information on how to audit your home's energy efficiency, check out these auditing tools:

Home Energy Checklist

Utah Home Performance

For information about energy efficiency rebates available through local utilities, check out the resources below:

Rocky Mountain Power Rebates

Questar Gas / Thermwise Rebates

Additional Resources

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